The Complete Guide to Cannabis Sativa L. CBD Hemp Flowers (CBD BUDS)

CBD Hemp Flower

The Complete Guide to Cannabis Sativa L. CBD Hemp Flowers (CBD BUDS)

In recent years CBD has become popular with many who use this unique natural compound as a safe and natural alternative to synthetic drugs to treat many different conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, chemotherapy side effects, CBD Hemp Flower, and many more. CBD products are now available as capsules, tincture oils, vape oils, edibles, and topical creams.

But recently, people have turned to another type of CBD product: Cannabis inflorescences. This article will look at what CBD flowers are, the benefits of using CBD flowers, and why they are becoming so popular.

What is CBD Hemp Flower?

CBD flowers are the flowers of industrial hemp. Although it belongs to the same plant family, hemp is different from cannabis. Industrial hemp has been used by humankind for thousands of years for textiles, food, paper, body care, and building materials. Hemp is the most potent natural fiber in the world.

But what differentiates cannabis from hemp is the content of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the psychoactive compound that is responsible for providing the psychotropic effect.) Cannabis buds contain a THC level of around 12% – 20 %. However, CBD hemp flower has a THC level of 0.2% and lower. This means that the CBD flower is not psychoactive, so it won’t get the user high.

What Are The Benefits?

Sales of CBD hemp flowers have exploded over the past year. Many people now use CBD inflorescences instead of oil tinctures and other products for a variety of reasons. First of all, the best CBD oils on the market are extracted from the hemp plant’s flowers, so by using the CBD flower, you get the CBD (Cannabidiol) straight from the source and in its most natural and genuine form.

All CBD oil products are extracted via CO2 or ethanol and then mixed with various carrier oils. CBD oil for weight loss The CBD market is not currently regulated, so the consumer never knows what’s in the product, but with the CBD flower, this concern is eradicated as the user gets CBD in its natural form.

Another group that is now using the CBD hemp flower is made up of people who have always smoked high THC cannabis. Cannabis can have some unwanted effects, such as anxiety and paranoia. CBD can provide an incredibly relaxing effect without the adverse effects of THC, so it’s a great alternative. CBD flowers can also use alongside THC-rich cannabis to reduce anxiety and paranoia.

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The most crucial benefit of using CBD hemp flower is the entourage effect. CBD buds contain many other cannabinoids, including THC, CBC, CBG, THCV, and many more. The entourage effect occurs when all of these different cannabinoids work together in the human body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to deliver the most amazing therapeutic benefits. The diagram below explains what some of these compounds do.


There are three main ways to use CBD hemp flower …

  • 1. Vape
  • 2. Smoking
  • 3. Edible

Vape – With the recent technological advancements, vaping has become prevalent in recent years, and there is now a wide selection of some awe-inspiring vaping devices available on the market.

Vaping is the process of heating the CBD flower to a temperature of around 190-200 degrees ° C and inhaling the hot air that contains the CBD and other cannabinoids. With the vape, there is no direct contact between a flame and the flower. It is more like an oven effect and is a healthy, convenient, fast, and effective way to consume CBD flowers.

Smoking – Smoking is a more traditional method that usually involves rolling ground CBD flowers into a joint or smoking them through a pipe/bong. This method involves direct contact between a flame and the flowers, so although it is still fast and effective, it is a much more unhealthy method than vaping as combustion is involved. Burning creates smoke that contains carcinogens.

Edibles – Making edibles is a good option for those who don’t like to smoke or vape, but this method takes a little more time and effort—edibles are made by infusing the flower’s CBD into food or drink. By far, the most common way to do this is to make CBD-infused butter (cane butter) and then use it to make things like desserts, pasta dishes, or even spread on toast.

CBD Hemp Flower

Anything that can do with butter can replace with hemp butter. Once accomplished, this can provide a very convenient way to consume CBD; however, edibles are far less bioavailable than smoking or vaping. This means it takes longer (sometimes up to two hours) for CBD and other cannabinoids to reach the bloodstream as they must first pass and be processed by the liver.

Dosage – An in-depth study was conducted in 2017 by the US National Institute of Health, which can be found here. They found that there no universal CBD dosage that fits everyone and  Benefits CBD. Many dynamic factors can determine the best dose for athletes, including weight, age, metabolism, individual body chemistry, and the condition being treated.

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However, recent studies have also shown that a good starting point is between 25 mg twice a day, so a total of 50 mg a day. Therefore, it is recommended to increase the dosage every 3-4 weeks by another 25 mg per day until relief of symptoms. If we apply this to the CBD flower, if the height has a CBD content of 10%, each gram contains 100 mg of CBD, which means that a good starting point will be 1/2 gram per day.


Most CBD hemp flowers are grown in Switzerland, Italy, or Spain. The plants’ environment usually determines quality; indoor, greenhouse, or outdoor.

As you can see from the images above. Indoor-grown flowers are denser than outdoor grown flowers, with the greenhouse in the middle. This is because indoor-grown buds receive—more energy than the other two. Thanks to the powerful lights that were used. In comparison, greenhouse flowers grow under a mixture of artificial light and natural sunlight and outdoor ones only sunlight. Outdoor plants are usually planted in April / May and harvested in September / October.

What Are Terpenes?

Another crucial compound found in hemp and cannabis plants terpenes. These can found in the same place where cannabinoids formed, in the trichomes. (resin glands).

Terpenes are also found in most other plants and fruits and directly responsible for determining taste and smell—for example, the taste and smell of citrus fruits in an orange cause by terpenes. The same is valid with the CBD hemp flower. Suppose a CBD flower smells more citrusy. It will contain the Limonene terpene. While if it smells sweeter and earthy. Benefits CBD Herbal Tea  It will include the Linalool and Myrcene terpenes. Terpenes are technically different from cannabinoids. However, they work together synergistically with cannabinoids to provide some incredible therapeutic benefits. The diagram below shows some of the essential terpenes found in CBD hemp flowers and what medical effects and services they can provide.


Unlike its THC counterpart, CBD hemp flower is now legal in many parts of the world. In the United States. Donald Trump signed an 867 billion dollar Farm Bill in 2018, which makes hemp growing federally legal. This also makes hemp flowers federally legal as long as the THC content is less than 0.3%. Although there are a couple of exceptions where some states still require a medical license to purchase CBD flowers

In the EU. Hemp flower is legal as long as the THC content is below 0.2%. And grow from an EIHA licensed variety. The most common of these varieties are Cannabis Sativa L. Finola and Kompolti.


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