What is worth seeing in Austria?

    What is worth seeing in Austria

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    The main attractions of Austria. What is the best time of the year to visit? Where can you go with the children?

    What attracts tourists to Austria?

    Austria is a highly developed country in Europe, located in its center. 70% of its territory is occupied by mountains (mainly the Alps). The climate is temperate continental and depends on the altitude. The Austrians highly value their homeland and cherish its traditions. Residents are friendly and will meet you good-naturedly. Cities shine with cleanliness, and architectural monuments are carefully looked after. Therefore, the old buildings are currently in excellent condition and receive tourists. On the site countryhelper.com you can learn more about this country – climate, attractions, housing, and food costs. Having all the necessary data, you will be able to get directions and select those locations that you want to see first.

    When to go?

    It is a very picturesque area, and any season is attractive. But the choice of the period may also depend on the purpose of the trip.

    Winter is not cold, and the temperature is around zero, but in the mountains, it can reach up to -20С. Winter holidays are suitable for lovers of skiing. For this, ideal conditions have been created on the slopes of the mountains.

    Spring is warm (+15С on the plains, +3С in the mountains), although snow lies in the hills until mid-April. Foehns (mighty wind) are typical in the mountains in spring, which cause avalanches.

    In summer, it is sunny and warm (up to +20 0C). The eastern part is characterized by hot weather (up to +30 0C). Since most of it is covered with mountains, there are sharp temperature drops: during the day, +24 C, and at night +10 С. But in summer, the most significant influx of tourists, so the price in hotels and restaurants will be higher than in other seasons.

    Autumn will show you all the colors of natural landscapes. The weather is favorable for walking around the city and visiting parks and sights. Most tourists love the velvet season in Vienna. The air is heated from +4 to +13C.

    What places are worth visiting?

    It is a lovely country with magnificent architectural buildings, picturesque natural landscapes, and mountain majesty. From all over the world, tourists are attracted by the sights, which we will discuss below.


    It is an ancient town (XII century) located on the lake, with less than 1000 inhabitants and only two streets.

    Above Hallstatt are some of the oldest salt mines in Europe. Salt has been mined for 3,000 years to the present, which has made its inhabitants rich. Salt is very pure and is transported to many countries. An observation deck was erected at an altitude of 360m, climbing to which takes your breath away from the beauty of nature.

    Alpbach village

    Austrians voted it the most beautiful village in the country. In summer, it sinks into a sea of flowers, revealing a view of the emerald green of the valleys and mountain peaks. In winter, the village dresses up in style before Christmas celebrations. Not far from the village is the Alpbach ski resort.


    It is the capital, and any building proves the presence of the kings of the ancient empire. Vienna is famous for the most delicious confectionery, and some recipes are 300 years old. And, of course, Viennese coffee and beer will not leave you indifferent.

    In Vienna, you should see the Opera, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Lunapark (the first in the world), ride a Ferris wheel and a yellow tram for tourists, and visit many museums with a rich history.


    It is the second most important city in which the most beautiful fortress in Europe, Hohen-Salzburg, is located. It is the birthplace of Mozart, and the street where his house is situated attracts attention with signs.

    A rich fair is held in the city before Christmas.

    Grossglockner Highway

    It is one of the most beautiful alpine roads in Europe. It used to be a pass from Austria to Italy. She became famous after motocross. From a height, you can take pictures that fascinate the eye. This highway is open from May to October.

    Swarovski Museum

    A museum was opened in Wattens in 1995 for the 100th anniversary of the company. It is made in the form of a cave with 7 halls made of crystal. The halls are filled with beautiful crystals guarded by a Tyrolean giant. Water flows from his mouth, and shimmering in the sun, it shines like a sparkle of crystals.

    Krimml waterfall

    The waterfall has a 380m cascade and is one of nature’s most beautiful sights. It can be seen in Hohe Tauern National Park. Its power is impressive, especially in summer, thanks to the melting snow in the Alps. A walking path along the falls takes you to the top of the cascades.

    Where to go with children?

    To please your children and they want to come here again, visit the following beautiful places:

    • House of Music;
    • Zoom Children’s Museum in Vienna;
    • House of Nature in Salzburg;
    • Amusement park in St. Jakob in Haus
    • Mittersill National Park Museum;
    • The Toy Museum in Salzburg;
    • Family recreation center in Elmau or Neustift;
    • Zoos in Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck;
    • Summer amusement park in Serfaus.

    As you can see, many exciting entertainments for your children will give them an unforgettable travel experience.

    Features of local cuisine

    In this country, you can eat delicious food not only in expensive restaurants but also in small cafes and even just the food cooked right on the street: hot dogs and kebabs. Do not be afraid of street food – it is cooked in compliance with all sanitary standards and only from natural products.

    Since Austrians have large portions, order dishes as consumed, not several dishes in one order.

    In the supermarket, we recommend taking bread and dairy products (cheese, milk, yogurt), and Swiss chocolate is better. The bakery has a delicious variety of confectionery. Popular alcoholic drinks are beer and wine, and other spirits are expensive.

    Having visited a restaurant or cafe, accept the proposed schnapps; although the price is not off the charts, its taste and aroma are worth it – try it at least once.

    If you are in Vienna, remember to taste their schnitzel, Viennese sausages, and goulash of different recipes. For lovers of sweets, we recommend strudel with cherries, chocolate, apples, and other fillings. But other sweets are worth a try. Visit this fairy tale in any season because each period is lovely in its way and will leave a lot of positive emotions.

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