How safe and effective is CBD for dogs?

CBD Dog Treats

How safe and effective is CBD for dogs?

The CBD boom is everywhere, CBD Dog Treats even in our pet world.

Our furry friend recently experienced some of the benefits of this cannabinoid in the form of a delicious dog treat. However, pet parents still have questions and concerns.

If we think that the law prohibits veterinarians from prescribing or recommending CBD, things become more complicated, and we cannot have an honest conversation with them.

Simultaneously, the market is expanding, dog snacks are at your fingertips, and there is a lot of online information and misinformation.

This is our guide through the jungle.

The health benefits of CBD therapies: what are they doing?

As we detailed in our article on CBD oil for dogs, dogs can benefit from cannabis as much as humans, maybe more because their endocannabinoid system is more complicated.

However, before we deeply analyze the specific therapeutic value of CBD therapies, we need to discuss their manufacturing process and related concerns about the CBD content in the product.

The FDA has discovered that many brands have made false claims about the CBD content in their products, and this demand has generated even more.

Another thing to keep in mind is that dog treats are baked goods, which means that some CBD may be lost during the manufacturing process (if baked at temperatures above 320°F).

In practice, this means that you should only trust producers who test their products after the preparation process.

In summary, the honest answer is that if the biscuits contain this precious cannabidiol, your pet can benefit from dog treats that consume CBD.

CBD oil and CBD-infused dog treats

There have been many claims about the advantages of using CBD oil in dogs: it can be administered more accurately, avoid first-pass effects, and reduce the risk of reduced bioavailability.

Yes, but sometimes your canine friend will not cooperate, making it impossible to use a dropper.

This is why so many people choose snacks: it is a great way to connect with puppies, trigger positive behaviors and create a relaxing environment while managing CBD.

In other words, psychologically speaking, dog snacks are a more appropriate solution, especially when dealing with dog anxiety or aggression.

The latest development of animal (dog) research and its CBD-related therapeutic value

Until recently, evidence of CBD’s therapeutic value in dogs was mainly based on anecdotal evidence. And there are many.

According to a 2019 study conducted by anonymous American veterinarians, pet parents use CBD to treat various health problems in their dogs.

The table below shows the perceptible responses to the effects of CBD on common dog problems.

The safety of CBD for dog tables

Since CBD is not toxic, owners use it to reduce anxiety, chronic pain, epilepsy, and even dogs’ cancer symptoms.

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Although the results of preliminary studies sound promising, scientific research on pets is still scarce.

But things started to change. In 2018 and 2019, more than several studies were published to explore the possible health benefits of CBD for canine patients.

Of course, this is still not enough to draw a general conclusion, but it is better than keeping it in the dark.

Some studies in dogs that use the pharmacokinetics of CBD (through the movement of organisms) in dogs seem to come to similar conclusions:

Although we have proven that CBD is orally absorbed, clinical trials are still needed to study its safety. Study its effectiveness in the treatment of specific diseases. And determine the dose that can provide a therapeutic effect.

For specific medical conditions. Contemporary studies have confirmed that CBD can “significantly reduce” CBD oil side effects, the frequency of seizures in dogs with intractable idiopathic epilepsy, and relieve pain in dogs with osteoarthritis.

While we are waiting for a more scientific analysis of the possible. The therapeutic value of CBD. The only reasonable conclusion is that. Although uncertain. Recent scientific results are encouraging.

Are CBD dog snacks safe?

It was found that the mentioned studies did not find any noticeable side effects of CBD use in dogs, which may be comforting. Except for occasional reports of sedation, canine patients appeared to have no problems during the experimental treatment.

The statistical analysis of a recent anonymous survey shows that veterinarians have reached similar conclusions from their practice.

They reported very few anorexia, bradycardia, anxiety, polyphagia, vomiting, and other conditions, of which sedation is the most common side effect.

However, even under sedation, a more significant percentage of people report that this has never happened to their dogs.

But there are limitations: most studies have conducted a 2-week course of treatment and used an average dose. The question of long-term effects remains vague and whether higher doses will provide more excellent therapeutic value.

Generally speaking, CBD is not toxic to dogs. Foods containing only this cannabinoid will not harm your young.

However, THC poisoning in dogs is not uncommon and can be life-threatening. Dogs respond more strongly to this intoxicating cannabis compound than humans without experiencing our euphoria.

Besides, the cannabidiol may interact with other drugs and cause serious complications. It would be best if you never used it with other drugs at your own risk.

This is why we can only modify this issue with the following prerequisites: Yes, CBD therapies are safe, provided that they do not contain any THC and are not taken with any other drugs.

How to consult a veterinarian

We deliberately exclude this suggestion from the rest of this article because it is an issue that deserves full attention.

Naturally, everything we have said so far is based on in-depth research, but it is not a substitute for every consultation with your veterinarian. He is the only person who can monitor your furry friend’s condition and make specific treatment recommendations.

However, this has a disadvantage: vets are not allowed to prescribe CBD because it is illegal. State laws that legalize medicinal marijuana do not apply to animal care.

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This may be the reason why most of them announced their reluctance to engage in conversations with their customers about CBD.

This is why you need to take the initiative and ask for specific consultations. Sometimes even read between the lines.

Another option is to turn to a holistic veterinarian. They are also cautious about not making specific recommendations,  CBD oil review CBD Dog Treats but are generally more willing to share information about the use of CBD in pets.


As you might imagine, there are no official CBD dosage guidelines for dogs. Besides, the specific dosage depends on the dog’s weight and health.

Naturally, the best idea is to consult a veterinarian.

The general rule of thumb is to follow the exact anecdotal instructions as humans: start low, then stroll.

If you buy dog ​​treats from a reputable brand you trust, follow their instructions strictly.

Otherwise, you must perform the math by yourself.

First, CBD treatment was introduced at a dose of 0.05 mg x lb twice a day. Check the label of the snack for information on the exact CBD content. If necessary, cut the biscuits in half.

Do not increase the dose for some time (5-7 days). Monitor your pet to see if there are any therapeutic mitigation measures or any adverse reactions (dry mouth, drowsiness, dizziness).

If you feel your dog needs a higher dose, increase it to 0.125 mg x lb (twice a day). Again, pay close attention to the pet’s condition.

The high dose is 0.25 mg x lb-twice a day and should only be used if you are sure that you can relieve your friend’s symptoms.

How long does it take for CBD treatment to take effect?

How long it will take to see significant results for cannabidiol CBD depends on many factors.

Due to the first-pass metabolism, it may take 45-90 minutes for one treatment to be completely metabolized. Please note that it is not good to mix it with other foods as this will prolong the process.

After releasing the CBD for dog food, you should immediately see the results of acute conditions, such as situational anxiety (caused by loud fires, fireworks, and thunderstorms).

For longer-term issues, please wait two weeks to see if there is any improvement.

Buying and storing guide-quick checklist

To ensure the safety and health of pure CBD oil of your dog, there are many things to remember, so we created this quick checklist to make sure you don’t forget the following:

Always buy dog ​​treats from reputable brands.

Find the laboratory verification result (COA) on the product label, or contact the seller to request a certificate.

Products that claim to follow Good Manufacturing Practices and carry the National Animal Nutrition Committee’s seal are generally trustworthy.

Make sure the snacks do not contain any THC

Make specific snacks that are free of additives

Store them in a cool place away from pets

Consult a veterinarian you trust, especially if your dog is taking other medications. Start with the lowest dose.

Final thoughts on CBD treatment

Whether your furry family member is a healthy puppy. With acute anxiety or pain. Or someone with a severe illness. It can be tempting to find alternatives. As many pet parents claim. It usually reduces stress. But be cautious and do your research before making—any decisions about the dog’s health. Of course. Please let us know the results for you and your puppy.


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