5 Ways to Smoke Cannabis

Ways to Smoke Cannabis

Are you new to the world in smoking cannabis? Maybe you are wondering what an efficient way to smoke your cannabis is. Well, we are here to help you save money, be smokeless, and still get high. The fact is smoking your weed efficiently lasts longer, and only rolling it in a blunt is overkill and a waste. Let’s see different ways to smoke cannabis & high-quality bongs.

Different Ways to Smoke Weed

While a blunt is still the way many users smokes, there are other ways as well:

Using a Bong

The water pipe or bong comprises a large tube with a water chamber to cool the smoke down before it hits your lungs. You get a buttery yet smooth smoking sensation by smoking a water pipe and highlight the natural terpene present. You can find them made out of glass but not portable for taking anywhere but looks attractive on a table.

Bowl Technique

The bowl makes up part of a pipe filled with hash or other materials. It sits at the end of the tube with a separate bowl structure with water pipes similar to a bong. You can find some fitted with mesh filters to prevent the plant when burning traveling up the tube and your lungs.

Using a Chalice

The device many call the Chillum, Wisdom, or Steam Chalice. The pipe Rastafarians use as part of their spiritual practice. You can make this pipe using different materials, but it is usually made with coconut to form a bowl. Some people use a ceramic bowl with a ceramic grate. The stem is a length of bamboo and similar to using a bong. It works more like a vaporizer as the bud is heated, creating vapor and not smokes.

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Using the dabbing method works with concentrated cannabis, known as dab wax. The weed wax suppliers derive from using solvents such as carbon dioxide, propane, or butane. The technique is highly potent and contains up to 95% THC in some cases. You can use different types of equipment. However, dabbing you can do with a dabbing rig. It looks like your bong but involves heating the wax using a torch until a vapor comes out for inhaling.

Vape Pen

You can buy it as a reusable device or with CO2 honey oil cartridges to use. The cannabis heats up until it releases a vapor for you to inhale. These forms of smoking are discrete compared to other forms of smoking marijuana. Furthermore, it produces fewer carcinogens than smoking a cigarette and is more potent when it has a flavor to give you an existing experience.

Final Thoughts

So which is better to smoke your weed? It all comes down to preference, but if you want a discrete experience to smoke your cannabis anywhere, the vape pen is first on the list. While there is no problem with using the other methods, you can choose one that suits your lifestyle and needs.


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