Marijuana Cultivation Outdoor Vs Indoor – Which is better?

Marijuana Cultivation Outdoor Vs Indoor

The battle over whether outdoor growing is better than indoor has been raging for many decades now. Usually, it is framed as indoor advocates against outdoor idealists. Let’s see marijuana cultivation outdoor vs indoor.

Obviously, there are benefits to both growing methods. However, the fight has moved into a whole new level of commercial growing weed plants.

Legalization in South and North America has completely changed the marijuana game. Before, the production of marijuana primarily happened out of sight and indoors.

Though today, furtive fields have changed into commercialism, and big agriculture has changed the debate. For businesses, the outdoor question is less about the principles and profit. The answer for both big companies and hobby growers remains similar – it all depends.

Indoor Marijuana Cultivation

Indoor cultivation is an established method of growing marijuana. It gives you absolute control over the humidity, temperatures, and light. Being in a better position to control the environment results in great strains.

Using a higher C02 level than in natural environments, you may produce higher THC levels and increase growth compared to outdoor growing.

Growing Requirements

Globally, indoor growing is more preferred to keeping growers and plants safe while controlling the environment. With the technological advancements, several discoveries became possible, including strains.

The full control you have will enable you to adjust various growing requirements, such as space, ventilation, humidity, and lights.


  • Total control over cultivation conditions
  • Year-round growing
  • Boutique production
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  • High startup costs
  • Absence of natural predators like wasps, ants, and ladybugs
  • Difficult to eliminate and detect in the case of toxins or contaminants

Outdoor Marijuana Cultivation

Before even technology came into the picture, outdoor cannabis growing used to be the only method. Even today, it still exists, with the average used for marijuana and hemp farming on the rise across the states in the US.

Growing cannabis outdoors has a lot of benefits. With that being said, there are additional hurdles and factors, which you need to consider so as handle issues related to outdoor growing.

Growing Requirements

Growing outdoors is an excellent option as you will not have to invest a lot of cash. If you have access to sunny spots in a balcony, rooftop, private yard, or terrace, you can easily grow cannabis outside.

Although you will be tied to the local weather and season, you will find it unnecessary to spend cash on equipment as indoor growers do. However, you might need to provide quality nutrients, use the right containers, and correct amount of water.


  • No need to use costly ventilation systems
  • Require fewer nutrient solutions and fertilizers
  • Lower costs to start
  • Full terpene profile


  • More chances of loss
  • Short seasons
  • Difficult to provide security

In a Nutshell!

If you are still on the fence on whether to grow cannabis outdoor or indoors, be sure to sample both methods. There are many different sites, which allow you purchase cannabis weed online. 

Most of these sites sell marijuana in different locations. If you prefer a certain strain, you should be in a better position to get seeds for sale on the internet or at homegrown stores.

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Cultivating marijuana both outdoors and indoors is fun. However, it’s important to remember that you can improperly or properly grow buds no matter whether you prefer outdoor or indoor.


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