CBD oil for pain: when and how to use it?

CBD oil for pain

It’s hard to miss the CBD phenomenon. CBD oil for Natural pain care based on hemp, this cannabis compound does not have a narcotic effect but effectively relieves acute or chronic pain.

F cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is a compound in cannabis. It’s not here to get you high! In the form of flowers, capsules, or oil, CBD is a prevalent natural remedy to fight against sleep or anxiety problems. Several studies also confirm its effectiveness in relieving certain types of pain.

CBD for what types of pain?

To know how CBD oil works on pain, it is crucial to understand its pain.

Acute pain, a warning signal

All of our body’s messages are useful to us. Acute pain also has a crucial role. It corresponds to an alert warning of a dysfunction of the organism.

The receptors located on our skin and our organs, the nociceptors, are stimulated and sent to the nervous system. Then, it’s the brain’s turn to interpret this message.

For example, acute pain, such as that induced by burning, will cause a reflex response to remove the hand from the too hot surface. Installed for more than three months, where to buy CBD products, the pain becomes chronic. It then loses its primary alert function and must be taken care of.

Daily, chronic pain affects the quality of life. Besides, it can cause sleep disturbances, anxiety, and even depression.

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The different types of pain

Three different types of pain can be unfortunate:

  • inflammatory such as joint pain;
  • neuropathic like sciatica and other back pain;
  • mixed, which combines the previous two as pain following surgery.

Researchers from the famous McGill Institute in Montreal have shown that medical cannabis effectively relieves chronic neuropathic pain and related anxiety by activating specific serotonin receptors.

How to relieve pain with CBD?

The medicinal solutions against pain (paracetamol, aspirin, morphine, etc.) have side effects. Is CBD legal? This is not the case with CBD oil which calms pain without adverse effects.

The different forms of CBD

CBD is consumed in different forms.

For example, for muscle pain related to sports, do not hesitate to massage the painful area with a CBD cream. Or better yet, massage with CBD oil. Thanks to its targeted application on the affected area and its diffusion through the mucous membranes, you should feel almost instant relief.

Since CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, it can be recommended to relieve joint pain such as rheumatism. A study published by the European Journal of Pain demonstrated that it was possible to reduce pain and inflammation in rats with osteoarthritis by applying CBD in gel form.

For quick action, it is possible to consume CBD oil sublingually, that is, by placing a few drops of the oil directly under the tongue.

A personalized dosage

It is not so much possible to recommend a precise dosage of CBD for pain relief. Because, indeed, CBD for anxiety, several parameters must be taken into account.

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We are all different: some of us will be very sensitive to cannabinoids when others need larger doses. The pain itself will indicate how much to take.

In any case, whether you have already consumed CBD oil for other problems such as to relieve anxiety, for example, or whether you are new to the subject, we advise you to test with a low dose in the first place.


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