CBD, An Ally In The Fight Against Cancer

CBD oil for cancer

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Today, in France, as in many countries, the number of people with cancer is still considerable. Despite significant medicinal advances, treatments are not always 100% effective. What is more, CBD oil for cancer their side effects that are pretty difficult to live with? This is the reason why cancer patients of any form often seek a natural alternative to soothe their pain and discomfort. Many of them then turned to CBD, which today represents a more than effective solution to cope with cancer and its heavy treatments.

The Virtues Of CBD on Cancer

As a bonus onboard, it should be noted that cancer is one of the most challenging diseases to cure. Besides, its treatment can cause serious side effects for cancer patients. This is precisely when CBD comes into play. This substance is known for its anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, and pain-relieving effects.

Because of this, cannabidiol can help relieve pain and all forms of cancer symptoms as well. In addition, it also acts as an antiemetic by decreasing nausea vom, citing, which is a prevalent symptom during chemotherapy or radiation therapy. In addition, it helps the patient to regain sleep and appetite.

As some patients also suffer from anxiety, they sometimes have difficulty falling asleep. The cannabidiol can then provide them with a moment of relaxation by promoting their sleep.

According to several studies, cannabinoids also prevent the proliferation of cancer cells. CBD increases the effectiveness of radiation therapy and chemotherapy by improving the repair mechanism of cancer cells.

Studies On The Link Between CBD And Cancer

To date, no comprehensive study has been done on the link that may exist between CBD and cancer. Moreover, a few tests have been carried out on animals only. This is why there is no evidence showing that CBD can cure cancer.

However, English researchers from Winchester Hant and London have carried out studies of synthetic CBD on the human body. The result: CBD has effects on cancer cells, and the patient’s condition is improved. CBD for back pain In this study, the subjects were more than 100 patients, most of whom were metastasized. The study was carried out for six months, during which all subjects were given 10 mg of CBD / day.

At the end of this study, it was also found that 92% of the patients had relatively positive effects. The metastases decor eased, and the spread of cancer cells slowed considerably. However, there were no significant side effects.

It should also be noted that science has mentioned that CBD helps increase the secretion of serotonin and glutamate in the human, which can help give a feeling of happiness to a depressed patient.

Examples OF CBD Products That Can Cope With Cancer

Currently, there are many CBD products on the market. But to accompany the treatment for cancer or alleviate its symptoms, you can choose between CBD oil and CBD body balm, among other things.

CBD oil

CBD oil is not only calming but also analgesic in the sense that it relieves pain. In other words, it can be used as an accompaniment to a heavy anti-cancer treatment such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Not to mention the fact that it alleviates the side effects of treatment such as fatigue, diarrhea or constipation, heartburn, and many more.

However, the consumption of CBD oil must be of high quality and with a high concentration of cannabidiol, without THC. To do this, you have to pour drops of CBD oil under the tongue. In addition, it should be noted that the hemp oil found there can give it a bitter taste. However, it works very quickly.

There is no dosage recommendation regarding dosage as each patient is different, just like their condition or the stage of their cancer.

CBD body balm

The body balms CBD are administered in a “topical,” that is to say, applied to a body surface such as skin or mucous membranes. They are made using an infusion of medicinal cannabis flowers or CBD skincare, more exactly natural CBD extracts. Just like CBD oil, the CBD balm formula is also effective in improving skin health. It acts mainly on various skin problems such as acne, injuries, bone pain such as arthritis, wounds, common skin conditions, and skin cancer.

Its application is made directly on the skin to act locally. It should then be applied two to three times a day on the areas to be treated. Indeed, its main active ingredients are absorbed at the level of the surface of the skin without having to pass through the blood system.

It should be noted that, like other CBD products, CBD body balms also exist in different concentrations to meet the needs of each patient. They can be made from natural extracts or pure CBD crystals. To fully benefit from the entourage effect, favor natural extracts.

Cancer: Question About CBD Products

Can CBD Products Cure Cancer?

Although studies have been done to define the health benefits of CBD, none have shown that CBD can cure cancer. For the moment, it should be said that CBD, especially in the form of CBD oil, Organic CBD oil can be an essential ally in the relief of cancer patients: relieving the symptoms of cancer on the one hand but also alleviating the suffering and the effects. Secondary to the heavy treatments that the patients undergo.

Can CBD Products Have Side Effects?

The decision CBD products as oil or balm can have side effects on cancer patients. However, these are only mild effects. Its consumption should be avoided with other drugs such as diclofenac or omeprazole. It is then necessary to seek the advice of a doctor before being able to consume it.

Today, CBD products have significant benefits for different diseases apart from cancer. However, no study has yet confirmed that they can cure tumors. This is why it is essential to check with doctors before consuming it.

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