CBD for back pain: the benefits of CBD for the back

CBD for back pain

Four in five French people affected by back pain at one time or another in their life. It is the leading cause of disability among people under 50 and the leading cause of occupational accidents. CBD for back pain The spread of telework expects to have negative consequences on the back health of office workers.

Back pain is a condition that can have severe consequences on professional and personal life due to the persistent pain and reduced mobility it causes. However, the beneficial properties of CBD can use relieve chronic pain, including those caused by back pain, and improve the well-being of sufferers.

To what extent can CBD help alleviate the pain of sleeping sickness, and what are the advantages of the molecule over other solutions?

Ack pain is among the worst because it can prevent us from living normally and performing specific daily tasks. Therefore it is not uncommon to seek all possible treatments to relieve pain. Among all the alternative medicines, the use of CBD seems to be increasingly considered for chronic pain. But is this substance beneficial for back pain? Let’s try to see this together in this article.

What exactly is CBD?

In hemp plants, there are two main groups of molecules: terpenes and cannabinoids, among the latter substances influencing the brain, including cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD. It is a so-called psychoactive substance that causes neither addiction nor effects on the reflexes or the transparency of the consumer. Its soothing and anxiolytic effects recognize and make the popularity of this product worldwide, significantly where it authorizes and legal.

What does French law say about CBD?

The purchase of CBD in France authorizes but highly regulated. Indeed if you want to buy CBD in France, you will have to buy a product with less than 02% THC and choose a French online store to avoid the penalties related to the importation of cannabis into France.

Can CBD Alleviate Back Pain?

Many studies have been carried out on CBD and, in particular, since its legalization in certain countries. Following these, many functions were detected, including the ability to relieve chronic pain associated with inflammation and so-called neuropathic pain.

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Indeed, according to a study carried out recently and published in January 2019, CBD would relieve the pain associated with chronic conditions and this following a low dose treatment for seven days.

This study by Dr. Gobbi was done on just under 130 6-week-old adult male rats. These were treated using CBD height from 005 mg/kg up to 025 mg/kg. Depending on the groups of subjects studied. CBD skincare The various logical and medical, neurological tests have shown that the dose of 010 mg/kg was the most effective without causing side effects.

After one week of treatment, the data collected were analyzed, and the results of these analyzes demonstrate. That low-dose CBD could indeed help relieve chronic pain regardless of its origin.

Dr. Gobbi even believes that by doing more studies on the subject. And continuing research would be possible. To find a way to create a real treatment based on CBD. However, at the moment, CBD is only there to reduce and briefly relieve pain by acting on the brain.

Is CBD known to have other similar actions?

Yes, CBD is known to fight against pain related to chronic inflammation such as osteoarthritis, rheumatism, in cartilage osteoporosis, but fibromyalgia or even occasional pain related to an injury, as is the case with tendonitis.

CBD for back pain: help can be but not a cure

In the end, we can say that CBD is indeed a solution that you could consider to relieve your back pain, whether caused by a chronic disease, an injury, or inflammation. However, although CBD can help relieve back pain, it is not a treatment in itself like most alternative medicines. Indeed at present, there is no actual treatment based on CBD, especially in the form of essential oil or infusion. You will, therefore, only be able to relieve your pain briefly like a traditional painkiller.

If you want to treat your pain in the long term, you will need to consult a doctor and do several examinations to find its exact cause. Once the cause (s) identified, then you can talk to your doctor or specialist about the different treatment options. At this point, if you wish, you can request that. The treatment put in place supplement by. The therapeutic use of CBD in the form you prefer.

This will allow your doctor to discuss this with you. And verify that none of the medications prescribed as part of your treatment interact with CBD. Indeed you should know that. CBD, like many other substances, can interact with drugs by increasing their effects. Or even by modifying them, which can be dangerous in some cases.

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Causes of back pain

There is no precise explanation of back pain because many possibilities can add to each other. However, carrying a heavy load or a long drive can often cause notorious lumbago, which is recognizable by pain in the lower back. The repetition of a bad posture (tilted head and bent back, for example), particularly a bad posture at work, and inappropriate gestures can also cause this type of pain.

On the other hand, a sedentary lifestyle, which weakens the back muscles, naturally increases the risk of back pain. It is the same for overwork and stress, lack of hydration,  CBD for depression, and a diet lacking in omega-three fatty acids. Poor sleep due to an unsuitable bed (mattress too soft, too hard, or with a hollow), osteoarthritis spine, and overweight may also have something to do with it.

How can CBD help reduce back pain?

The analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties of CBD are beneficial for back pain. An excellent relaxant, cannabidiol relaxes muscles and reduces or even eliminates the tension accumulated over time. Much scientific research is underway to identify better and understand its benefits.

Its relaxing effects can enhance in addition to a mode of administration by ingestion in the form of oil or infusion of flowers. Suppose it uses the indirect application to the affected area in the form of oil, balm, or gel. CBD oils make it possible to vary the concentration of cannabidiol to adapt to the level of pain or consumption habits. The delicious flavors offered to make their use very pleasant.

Scientific research has shown that CBD does not interfere with cannabinoid type 1 receptors. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The other main component of cannabis has a psychoactive effect and induces a high. On the other hand, it acts on specific receptors involved in the pain mechanism, making it a perfect ally to counter back pain.

CBD, a natural solution to back pain

Cannabidiol is a molecule derived from the hemp plant used in many ancestral medicines for its benefits.  Organic CBD oil offers all the power of the plant to reduce back pain, increase well-being and improve sleep. 

Due to its non-addictive nature. CBD tout as a safe solution for the relief of back pain. This molecule can use without the side effects associated with other cannabis components like THC. For mild pain. Cannabidiol could help bypass the side effects of drug treatments. Including opiates sometimes prescribed to treat acute pain.


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