CBD healing creams: well-being hand in hand with beauty

Best CBD Cream

CBD creams, that is, cannabidiol-based, are becoming increasingly popular, primarily since it was understood that the benefits could be enjoyed through the formulations in crystals, oils, Best CBD Cream capsules, and foods could also be transferred to products for the face and body. The cream formulation helps a lot in this, as it allows more excellent topical absorption of the active ingredient.

However, not all beauty creams aim to restore the overall well-being of health, and sometimes they are limited only to the aesthetic aspect.

Nordic Oil, on the other hand. Is the revolutionary brand that has combined. The concept of beauty with that of well-being. Thanks to its CBD creams. Which joins the Nordic Cosmetics line.

Let’s see what the main healing products of the brand and how they are made are.

Directly from the inflorescences products of the highest quality: Best CBD Cream

CBD creams are made with the discerning consumer in mind. Exclusively organic ingredients, such as the hemp Sativa plant’s inflorescences, free of fertilizers and hormones, a process control, and certified procedures. The flowers treat in such a way as to extract from them a pure CBD extract, immediately available and usable even inside the creams, to facilitate rapid absorption by the body after their application.

Preparations designed for every type of skin need: Best CBD Cream

Among the numerous therapeutic preparations. Developed by the Nordic Oil brand (which differs from Nordic Cosmetics products). The Eir cream. For example. It is perfect for all skin flaky and damaged due to too cold or external stress (hot, wind, contact with irritants). CBD oil for diabetes Based on CBD, it also contains Vitamin A, helpful in repairing epithelial damage; Omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 fatty acids and berberine, an ammonium salt present in many plants and roots with strong strengthening properties for the immune system, with antimicrobial activities against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. Also present is colloidal oat flour, protective for the skin.

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The Freya cream, on the other hand, dedicates to the most sensitive skin. Nourishing and rich in liposomes, which quickly convey the active ingredients, together with hemp oil, contains a lot of sunflower oil, affluent in vitamin E: a real boon for those with red and reactive skin.

And who, on the other hand, suffers from problems related to oily skin and imperfections? For these customers. Best CBD Cream The light Valkyrie emulsion design. Based on jojoba seed oil. Very tolerated and therefore suitable for all skin types.

Specific answers also for the body and lips.

However, Nordic Oil CBD creams do not just satisfy the needs of the facial skin. But also think about the body and lips.

This is the case with the Thor transdermal liposomal gel. The name did not give by chance to this gel in Nordic mythology. In fact, (Nordic Oil is a Scandinavian brand) Thor was the king of war. Who gave energy and protected pain and chaos. Its unique formulation allows it to nourish the epidermis. Muscle tendons and joints. Highly concentrated.  CBD honey sticks in 50 ml of product. There are, in fact, 100 mg of cannabidiol CBD and 1750 mg of PEA. An endocannabinoid that has now completely disappeared from our diet. But which exerts a truly protective function against trauma.

These actions enhance by beta-caryophyllene. Essential oil always extracts from the cannabis plant. Best CBD Cream And tea tree oil. Papular to be a powerful antibacterial.

Finally, for damaged and chapped lips. Nordic Oil has created a balm in stick in which the precious CBD (3% in 135 grams of product) combine with other oils with proven effectiveness. Such as avocado, coconut, castor, and almond. Shea butter and vitamin E complete the nourishing Best CBD capsule functions of this stick, guaranteeing lip repair and regeneration.

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All the products of this brand do not contain parabens, dyes, or artificial perfumes, are free of heavy metals and toxins and have passed the original derma test of 2019 with a judgment of ” excellent. “


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