What are web design standards and why they are important


In the digital era that we are living in, there are hundreds of million websites on the internet offering almost all globally available products and services to internet users. Even though every single website tries to be innovative by offering new and unique designs and better services to their targeted audiences, there are some basics that are constant and predictable for all websites, across the globe. That is basically the web design standards. 

Web design standards are a set of rules and best practices that have mostly come from World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for the sake of making the web environment consistent and easier to use.

Why is complying with web design standards important?

The main purpose of developing web design standards is to make the web environment convenient, predictable, consistent and standardized. In other words, such standards have been created and evolved over time to guide the web designers on how to design a website to improve users’ feeling or UX when visiting a website. Web design standards are the main building blocks of a well-designed website from a User Experience perspective.

As an example for your better understanding, if you are looking for web design Dubai price, by searching it on Google, the results will come up with the price of a standard web design package from different service providers. It normally includes the basics like host service, design, test, launch and after sales support. This is how standardization makes it easier for you to compare a standard web design package price comes from different companies.

What are the Web Design standards?

There are a few standard types that apply to web design that we will go through right now.

Technical Standards

  • Web browsers compatibility

A website must be designed to be compatible with as many web browsers as possible.

  • Web development languages

HTML5, CSS and Javascript are the most common programming languages that are used by the overwhelming majority of developers to build a website. Even though there are some other programming languages such as AngularJS and VUE.js, it is recommended to utilize the standard ones. 

  • Graphics, Videos and Audio file format

The standard file formats for images are PNG, JPG and WebP. Besides, the standard Vector Graphic is now SVG. For audio files,the standard format which is widely used is MP3 and the most supported video format is MP4.


Design and usability Standards

Design and usability standards not only improve UX, but also enhance SEO. Hence, before reviewing SEO packages in Dubai, make sure of your web design compliance with the standards and best practices. Let’s dive deep into the most important ones. 

  • Simple Navigation process

Simplicity is the key in making users stay in a website. The navigation process must be designed simple and easy, so users will become eager to surf further.

  • Standout CTAs

The CTA buttons must be designed and placed on the webpage appropriately to stand out of other elements. Users must be able to see them instantly, so they will most likely click and take action. 

  • Well-suited color scheme

A smart choice must be made in terms of color scheme to be suited to your brand and logo. Such a consistency would improve UX

  • Easy to read Typography

The typography or how letters and characters are arranged and presented must be accessible to all users, easy to read on all devices and skimmable. 

  • Usage of White Spaces

It is quite important to utilize white spaces across all web pages in order to differentiate between different web page elements such as textual content, a CTA button and images.This will help users to focus better and take action.  

  • Optimization for Mobile users

All websites, regardless of their type must be designed mobile responsive. It is now crucial for a website to be displayed on a user’s devices, no matter what type of device the user is using.

Wrapping up

To build a successful website that thrives for you, there are quite a few factors that must be considered with care. Whether you are after website design in Dubai, or develop one in the UK, keeping your design in compliance with the industry accepted web design standards, along with being innovative is the key to success. 

Web design standards are developed by W3C and evolved over time in order to make the web environment consistent, predictable and convenient. The main purpose of complying with web design standards is to improve UX across the entire web in general and on a website in particular.

In conclusion, if you want a shining website, you must not only be able to bring new ideas into the web design world, but fit the new ideas within the website design standards and best practices framework.    




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