Anaerobic Exercise: What Is It? What Are Its Benefits?

Anaerobic Exercise: What Is It? What Are Its Benefits?

It is good to engage in exercise for mental and physical health. There are two types of exercise: aerobic and anaerobic exercise. The latter offers many benefits for the body. However, to know more, this comprehensive guide will explain more about anaerobic exercise, as well as its benefits. So, don’t stop reading!

What is Anaerobic Exercise?

Anaerobic exercises are fast, short, and high-intensity exercises, which do not require the use of oxygen like other aerobic activities. Rather, anaerobic exercises make use of the glucose in the muscle as a source of energy. With this in mind, anaerobic exercises depend on the energy that is stored in your body in the form of carbs, fat, and protein.

It must be stressed that aerobic exercises can quickly turn anaerobic if the intensity or pace is significantly increased. This represents a gray area where both types of exercise can overlap. Furthermore, it must be stressed that anaerobic exercises can only be sustained for a very short period, thanks to their high intensity and the pace of the exercise.

Advantages of Anaerobic Exercises

Anaerobic exercise is adopted by many athletes to increase their performance. However, people who engage in regular exercise can also benefit from this type of exercise. Indeed, many exercisers embrace TestoPrime and other similar supplements to boost their performance level. After all, testosterone is an important hormone that aids exercise.

By training at a high-intensity level, you can boost your anaerobic threshold. In other words, you can engage in tougher, high-intensity exercise for longer periods. During this process, you burn more calories.


While many people engage in anaerobic exercises to have a more attractive body appearance, this type of exercise has proven to be effective in building endurance. When you perform anaerobic training, other exercises will become easier. You can achieve longer sessions of workout by engaging in short bursts of intense strength training. Besides this, your body can acclimatize itself better to the right way to use more oxygen.

Stronger muscles

This is one of the major reasons why people engage in anaerobic exercise. Rather than generating energy by making use of oxygen, as in aerobic exercises, you make use of the energy that is stored in the muscles during anaerobic exercise. This can help you gain more muscle, which can improve your strength and mobility. This is why athletes engage in anaerobic exercise to increase their speed. 

Besides, muscle mass reduces with age. However, through anaerobic exercise, the body can maintain its muscles while building up strength.

Fat loss

High-intensity training is also known to be more effective than other aerobic workouts, especially when it comes to burning fat. You increase your body metabolism significantly during these short, intense bursts.

Improved mood

When you engage in high-intensity exercise, your body triggers the “feel good” hormone endorphins, which is capable of eliminating the feeling of depression, tension, anger, and anxiety.

Stronger bones

Intense resistance training can increase your bone strength and density, thereby minimizing the risk of osteoporosis. This can also support your joints, as well as your mobility.


Anaerobic exercise represents a daunting way of exercising. As a result, it is wise not to start there if you are a beginner. You might expose yourself to a high risk of discomfort – or worse, injury – when you go too fast or hard. As a result, aerobic training is a great way to begin. Furthermore, since anaerobic exercise demands more from your body than aerobic exercise, you should embrace proper recovery. This implies that once you combine anaerobic training with your workouts, full recovery is required.


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