How CBD Oil can treat common skin conditions like acne and psoriasis

common skin conditions

Hemp oil is a powerful and nourishing product for the skin because of its high nutrient content, anti-inflammatory effects, and metabolic pathways to the endocannabinoid system. Compounds in hemp oil like CBG, CBN and CBD are increasingly being used for their applications in antibacterial and antimicrobial action to fight acne in Australia. This has clear benefits for issues like skin conditions which are frequently caused by these microscopic attackers. But it’s also being used for other conditions like psoriasis and even excess sweating – let’s look at a few developments in this space for skin health. Whether you’re just looking to improve your skin’s complexion and moisture or remove your acne and clear your skin – hemp oil may be the next thing you need in your daily routine for common skin conditions.

Stopping Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) is a condition that affects many due to hormonal imbalances (usually due to genetics) and causes uncomfortable levels of perspiration. It has previously been successfully treated with hemp extract and cannabis for many individuals. For example, a 32-year-old woman with hereditary Hyperhidrosis began treatment in 2015. She showed profuse sweating of the hands and armpits and had attempted treatments with medical drugs and pharmaceuticals. However, these had very limited effect and success. In 2009, she had split into two Sessions of an octave sympathectomy in both armpits to help manage and reduce the sweating. The hyperhidrosis in her Armpits and hands post-surgery almost disappeared, but she then experienced a compensatory Sweating in the abdomen, back, legs and buttocks.

Looking for an alternative that didn’t involve surgery and more recovery, she opted for a natural alternative. She was prescribed a full spectrum cannabis oil containing CBD to assist with and stop the profuse sweating. Within minutes of ingestion the sweats stopped for two to three hours. Since then, she has been in the able to lead a normal social life. Because cannabinoids from hemp act on the endocannabinoid system and CB2 receptors, its thought they can affect many of the hormones and glands in the body. Some of these must include the sweat glands as CBD can help to modulate them and prevent too much sweat from being produced in the body.

Reducing Psoriasis and common skin conditions

Psoriasis is another problem that hemp extract is known to be able to help with. A middle-aged man spoke to me in 2018 and he was suffering from a severe outbreak of psoriasis was that had worsened in 2019. He tried many medications including methotrexate, dimethyl fumarate, antihistamines, a variety of ointments and creams. He’d been moisturising daily and had even tried several biologics (infliximab and adalimumab) to treat the dryness and skin cracking. Biologics are a group of Drugs that contain pro-inflammatory messenger substances in the inhibit the immune system, due to psoriasis being an auto immune condition. All therapeutic measures were ineffective. methotrexate caused serious side effects (nausea, vomiting and Depression). Cannabis didn’t have a strong side effect profile with him, however. The impact of hemp extract on the extent of the disease proved strong though. The course of the disease was improved by reducing the itching from the psoriasis and improving his sleep by getting him easier rest. His quality of life is under cannabis significantly increased and he can work now with more focus.

Others with psoriasis saw their skin lesions disappear psoriasis through cannabis therapy. This went so far that a dermatologist failed many – most don’t even know of it as a treatment. Multiple children with epidermolysis bullosa benefited from one treatment regime with CBD. Like psoriasis, Epidermolysis bullosa is one rare severe blistering associated Skin conditions that is difficult to treat because the skin sensitivity and repeated wound healing itching, Pain, limited mobility, and repeated inflammation delay healing. In Australia researchers reported on the topical use of CBD cream with a six-month-old boy, a four-year-old girl, and a five-year-old boy. All three experienced a “dramatic benefit,” including one faster wound healing, less blistering and an improvement in pain. In one patient could oral opioids are completely phased out. It even can assist with acne and other skin diseases. The proliferation of human skin cells can absorb and benefit from the effects of the cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD) or cannabidiol and cannabigerol (CBG). Researchers concluded that particularly for cannabidiol, there’s a use as a Main component in the development of new therapeutics for skin diseases. You could prove that endocannabinoid signalling plays a role of controlling the normal functioning of the skin, where the endocannabinoid anandamide is able to down regulate the activity of genes involved in differentiation and regulation of different skin cells. research at the University of Sydney in Australia with cells containing sebum of the skin (sebocytes), shows that cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory effects on sebocytes and reduced sebum production. Therefore, CBD oil in Australia may be used for acne. Also, CBDV (cannabidiovarin), CBC (cannabichomes) and THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin) show similar effects. Further discussion between medicine manufacturers, the cannabis industry, lawmakers, and the medical profession is needed to open the path to wider usage for serious skin conditions.

Fighting Acne and common skin conditions

Acne inverse is another condition cannabinoids can assist with for many patients with stubborn acne. Acne is an autoimmune skin disease with pronounced abscess formation in many, particularly in the case of cystic acne. Some have successfully treated this disease using hemp extract medications. Acne is caused by both genetic and environmental or lifestyle factors. A key factor is also stress, which leads to hormone imbalances. Stress can be calmed by full spectrum CBD oil that assists in managing the stress response in the nervous system. Hemp extract is strongly anxiolytic. It occurs when there is an imbalance of sebum in the glands of the skin, causing oil build up and resultingly infections from bacteria. This is what causes the boil like spots caused when the body fights off each skin infection. The worst type of acne is known as cystic acne which is when the skin is infected deeply – usually at the root of hairs, leading to large build ups of sebum and unsightly boils. In Australia acne is a very common condition. It typically occurs in teenage or early adult years and affects up to around 20% of the population at some point in their lifetime.

Hemp extract oil can assist with the symptoms of both acne types and clear up your skin form common skin conditions. Despite also being an oil, hemp doesn’t cause the skin to become overly oily. It has the opposite effect, aiding the skin rebalance and clear sebum build up. Not only this, its antimicrobial, meaning it can assist in fighting infections at the surface of the skin to prevent acne occurring or reduce its effects where its already present. Alpha linoleic acid in the oil as well as polyunsaturated acids offer enriching healthy fat content that will assist the skin in maintaining moisture and staying young. Flavonoids and beta caryophyllene in it can also support the multiple skin layers through their anti-inflammatory effects, protecting against aging and damage from pollution. In effect full spectrum CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties assist the skin in both fighting acne but also staying healthy. It may provide an alternative to harmful drugs like Roaccutane that are used for acne but cause heavy side effects.


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