What is the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp is an online communication application that current widely use by the world’s population.difference between whatsapp and whatsapp business Apart from being simple and easy to access, WhatsApp already supports various features to improve communication.

Starting from text messages, voice, pictures, voice calls, to video calls. At the beginning of 2018, WhatsApp launched its newest product specifically for businesses. This product  name WhatsApp business

Although it is not specific intend for business. Ordinary WhatsApp is still often use by novice businessmen. In fact,  use WhatsApp for businesses, entrepreneurs or those who are currently starting a business can maximize their communication relationships with customers.

Also, there are various features that can only be found on business WhatsApp. What are they? Let’s talk about the difference between regular WhatsApp and business WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp originally a paid messaging application. Until finally it successfully acquires by Facebook. After that WhatsApp became a product that was freely accessible and never appear in ads at all.

This triggers the question. How can Facebook return WhatsApp’s capital that purchases at a price of 19 billion dollars? Then in January 2018, WhatsApp business introduc.

Until now WhatsApp claims that WhatsApp has a download by more than two billion people. And predict to continue to increase over time. But it doesn’t matter how many downloads WhatsApp has. But the engagement.

Every day WhatsApp sends about 65 billion messages and about 750 thousand messages every second. Not only that, there are about 450 million active users every day. This means that WhatsApp has a very high user engagement.

After WhatsApp business was launched. Its presence inside need by most business fields. Especially in today’s digital age. Evidently, although this business application is not completely free. The WhatsApp business has a download by more than 100 million users on the Google Play Store.

Difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business

The applications on these two WhatsApp have different features. Although they have similarities such as requiring a mobile number, connecting to the internet, and of course to communicate. Apart from features, another difference is in the price. Is it really free?

Account Profile

Business WhatsApp will display a business account profile. Starting from the brand, last online, operating time, store address, website address, cellphone number, to a brief explanation of the business. This is very helpful for customers who want to communicate, so they know what business people have to offer.

Auto Reply

There is also an auto-reply feature that business WhatsApp users can enjoy. This feature makes communication with customers faster, because the template has been set and can be adjusted according to what customers want to know. For example, when a customer types in the number 1, a chat will appear, maybe a welcome message, FAQ (Frequently asked questions), or other information.


You can also send messages to more than one person with the same template at a time, which you won’t get on the regular WhatsApp application. So it will be very helpful when the business is holding a promo or there is other important information that customers need to know as soon as possible.

Customer Insights

There will be helpful statistics features very helpful. This feature serves as a report on  accounts, such as how many messages were received, sent, and not sent. So that business owners will be very easy to analyze and set strategies to develop their business in the future.

Freemium and Premium

Regular WhatsApp is a free application. But offers two options, namely free and paid. Free users use the application, while the paid ones use  in the form of an  API  (Application Programming Interface), not a smartphone application. Although both intend for business, they have some differences.

Business vs API

WhatsApp Business App

This type of App is an application that can download on the Google Play Store, App Store, or other official digital stores. And us use a mobile device that connects to a mobile number.

One mobile number can only use one type of WhatsApp. So if you have registered with regular WhatsApp. It cannot be used for . This application is free and suitable for small to medium businesses. There is even no limit on the messages that can receive.

In addition, there is also the type of content sent. Such as text, sound, images, videos, and so on. This application can also categorize contacts based on labels, making it very easy.

WhatsApp Business API

The second type is in the form of an API. To use WhatsApp with this API type, a submission using a WhatsApp Partner require. Though it is paid. The  API can connect to more than one device. So the API is more suitable for use by large and global companies.

Maximize Customer Communication

With the presence of with features specifically for people, it really helps entrepreneurs to manage communication with their customers. Especially because WhatsApp is the most widely use application for smartphone users today.

By using for, you can easily optimize communication with customers. Starting from automatic messages, broadcasts, labels, creating a business profile, to seeing statistics that you can use to develop business services for the better.

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