The difference between a blog and a role

Blog and Vlog can be considered as powerful marketing tools for businesses, companies and individuals. Blogging and vlogging are popular methods today for making money by writing content or recording videos

considered as powerful marketing tools for businesses, companies and individuals. Blogging and vlogging are popular methods today to make money by writing content or recording videos. So, the main difference between a blog and a role is that a blog is similar to a website where you can find written content of a topic. On the other hand, a video on certain topics is placed in the role.

Blogging and Vlogging mostly revolve around content. There are various platforms that support blogging and blogging, which we will discuss further in the content.

Comparison table

Basis for comparison Blog Vlog
Basic Includes written content Includes videos
Platform WordPress, Tumblr, Drupal, Zoomla. YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Widdler.
Started at 1990 2000
Cost Cheaper Expensive because of the equipment used
Audience More comparatively Middle

Definition of a blog

Blogging can be compared to logging activity. Hence a blog is analogous to a diary or magazine. The word blog is a short form of a web diary, which was introduced in 1990. However, it mostly emerged in 2003 with the launch of web publishing tools that can be used by novice users without a technical background.

With the development of WordPress in 2003, blogging became increasingly popular in the world of the Internet. The order of the content on the blog exists in a certain chronological order, where the most recent comes first, and the earliest would be placed in the lowest position.

Blogging Platforms

The various blogging platforms are WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, Tumblr and Drupal, which helps to publish articles on the blog. Generally speaking, a blog is a website or is presented with a website. However, a blog can also be created using text, graphics, such as images, GIFs, videos, PDFs, and the like.

Types of blogs

The different types of blogs are:

  • Personal Blog – Personal blogs are based on sharing personal thoughts, opinions, experiences and ideas related to certain topics.
  • Niche Blog – Concentrates on only one topic (ie it specializes in a specific topic) that is able to attract the attention of a large number of visitors.
  • Business Blog – These blogs include branding and product and company promotions. A business blog is also a business blog.
  • Associated Blogs – On these blogs, the writer is responsible for writing reviews and instructions for products and services without even owning them. In this way, bloggers also make money by getting a share of the product’s money if the customer bought it with the help of the link provided in the video.

Definition of Vlog

Let’s now understand what is a deposit? A. vlog is an abbreviation used for a video blog that surrounds video content. In the early days, vlogging was known as podcasting, although it is a completely different term.

However, blogging is very popular these days, and many bloggers have started blogging. The term vlog has been used since 2000, but became popular in 2004, with the advent of YouTube.

Vlogging Platforms

Numerous platforms can use to post video content and make money this way. YouTube, DailyMotion, Widdler, Vimeo and Facebook are platforms that support deposit.

Types of Vlogs

  • Music – Music channels are a big part of YouTube where artists share their work. The most famous channels are Spotify, Vevo, T-series and BBC.
  • Technology / Product Overview – These channels help you know a product, for example, its specifications, performance, maintenance, and may also contain product-specific instructions. Popular channels for technology and product reviews are what’s inside, gadget 360, etc.
  • Gaming – Game channels are very prominent compared to other types of channels, because they look very attractive and fun. It includes players who play the game in real time and also record it, which gives the viewer the experience to play the game himself.
  • Comedy – Video pranks and comedies fall into this category, and includes stand-up comedies and comedy shows. People like to watch them because they brighten their mood and make them laugh. SaraBeautiCorner is a famous comedy vlogger.
  • Health and Recreation – These channels include health and fitness videos that can provide health and exercise advice.
  • Fashion – Fashion designers and stylists make these types of videos where they suggest trendy clothes and makeup.
  • education – This category is very useful for students, because these channels are related to academic content. Helps solve students’ problems. The views in these videos are mostly higher because people mostly watch them multiple times.
  • Lifestyle – Includes showing everyday life adventures. So, in the end, they share their experience with people who want to know about a certain way of life.
  • Sports – These roles can include sporting events, such as live matches at various sporting and Olympic events.


Blogging and journaling can use to make money by posting good content. However, we publish written content on the blog, while in the case of roles, we publish video content, and that is the most basic difference between them.

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