About Terpenes: Caryophyllene 


One of the most impressive aspects of any CBD blend is the terpenes within. Companies like HighKind utilise full-spectrum techniques to extract as much natural goodness as possible from the hemp plant. One of the big players is Caryophyllene – but what is it? How does it taste? We answer these questions and more below, as we take a look at Caryophyllene in more detail.

Where is it from? 

Caryophyllene is prevalent within the natural botanical world, as is the case with other terpenes. It gives species a wonderfully unique aroma and taste and is typically found in herbs and spices including basil, black pepper, cinnamon, and oregano. Caryophyllene is also commonly found within the cannabis plant, which gives individual strains a spicy warmth that enhances the flavour profile significantly. 

What does it taste like?

Caryophyllene is perfect for anyone who likes their food with a little bit of oomph. The terpene brings CBD to life and adds a spicy note, giving combinations a kick that is highly sought-after. Just like cinnamon, Caryophyllene is loved for being warm and moreish, giving off relaxing, soothing, and comforting vibes when enjoyed. The terpene even boasts subtle hints of sweetness, rounding things off nicely and cementing its place as the perfect ingredient for various CBD products.

Is it beneficial? 

Although this can’t be said for all terpenes, Caryophyllene has the ability to connect with the endocannabinoid system and could potentially lead to mental and physical benefits. Due to its unique molecular structure, Caryophyllene is able to bind CB2 receptors to the brain, which isn’t something that every terpene is capable of. This often results in anti-inflammatory effects, as backed up by several studies. Although more research is required into its potential health benefits, research has indicated that Caryophyllene can reduce pain when administered, which is promising to say the least. 

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Do any HighKind CBD products contain Caryophyllene?

Caryophyllene is present in many of HighKind’s CBD flavour profiles and is particularly prevalent within the artisan range. Pink Lemonade, with its uplifting properties, is an excellent example of this, combining Caryophyllene with Myrcene, and Humulene to perfection. Another popular product within the High Kind range is Purple Punch, which gives off an incredibly calm and soothing sensation. Sour Space Candy is sure to give you a CBD experience you will never forget, thanks to its happy and relaxing features and aromatic mix of flavours. HighKind’s collections are stacked full of botanical terpenes, Caryophyllene included, that have been extracted utilising full-spectrum techniques that are sustainable. 

If you’re hoping to experience the full and undisputed benefits of all-natural terpene blends, then be sure to check out HighKind’s impressive collection today. After a little bit of research, you will find the perfect blend for your desired taste profile. 



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